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The Overview

CMS CUSTOM, led by entrepreneur Christina, aimed to enhance its brand and offerings. Seeking sophistication, Christina approached our agency for a refined brand, a new fine jewelry line, and an improved website. Our role extended to implementing targeted email marketing via Klaviyo for customer connection.

What We Did

Brand Refinement:- In close collaboration with Christina, we embarked on a process to refresh CMS CUSTOM's visual identity. This involved refining the logo and adding variations, adjusting the color palette, and updating typography for a more modern and cohesive brand image. This not only added a contemporary touch but also legitimized the brand, boosting credibility in Christina's space and enhancing overall brand equity.

Website Redesign with Ecommerce Integration- Our team executed a comprehensive website overhaul, prioritizing a modern and user-friendly interface. Seamlessly integrating an ecommerce section, we ensured visitors could explore the newly introduced fine jewelry line and bespoke portfolio effortlessly. This transformation not only brought credibility to CMS CUSTOM but also built a stronger online presence, contributing significantly to brand equity.

Email Marketing Strategy - Utilizing the Klaviyo platform, we work to implement a targeted email marketing strategy. Crafted with a personal touch, these email campaigns are designed to nurture customer relationships by delivering engaging content and promotions.

Results:The refined brand, revamped website, and effective email strategy collectively positioned CMS CUSTOM for success. The outcome resulted in the establishment of stronger and more meaningful connections between the brand and its audience.

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