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The Overview

Luxie Club is the place to discover luxury designer handbags and accessories at affordable prices. After a remarkable first year of growth, Luxie Club was ready to make a bold statement for its brand and create a seamless user experience with a new website and ongoing email marketing. 

What We Did

We were able to deliver a clean, clear, and striking brand identity and Shopify website effective at converting traffic into sales. The backend reporting systems and improved e-commerce order management resulted in a streamlined process allowing the team more time to refocus on other growth-related priorities.

Over a 60-day period, we increased Luxie Club’s email marketing conversion rate from .08% to 3.77% and open rate from 35% to 58% through strategic testing, design and planning. A combinatin of weekly emails and promotional emails garnered increased revenue and consumer engagement for the brand. 

Our team built a dynamic welcome sequence that brought the brand personality to life through the user journey using Klaviyo’s powerful tools.

Luxie Club Brand Guidelines
Families in Action Brand Identity
Families in Action Brand Identity
Families in Action Brand Identity

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